jean paul rabanal

visiting assistant professor
department of economics
colby college
waterville, me 04901

working papers

  • Does Competition Aggravate Moral Hazard? A Multi-Principal-Agent Experiment (joint with Olga Rud, John Horowitz).
  • On the dynamic stability of a price dispersion model using gradient dynamics (joint with Dongwook Lee)
  • Pecuniary externalities in centralized and decentralized market formats: An experiment (joint with Olga Rud and Manizha Sharifova)
  • Do uncertainty traps occur? (joint with Olga Rud, Manizha Sharifova and John Horowitz)
  • publications

  • Does competition affect truth-telling? An experiment with rating agencies Review of Finance, Forthcoming, 2017 (joint with Olga Rud)
  • On the evolution of continuous types: replicator and gradient. Dynamic Games and Applications, Vol. 7(1), pp. 76--92, 2017.
  • Evolution of markets a simulation with centralized, posted offer and decentralized formats Journal of Evolutionary Economics, Forthcoming, 2016 (joint with Olga Rud)
  • How Do Extreme Global Shocks Affect Foreign Portfolio Investment? An Event Study for India. Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, Forthcoming, 2016 (joint with Nirvikar Singh and Anick Yaha)
  • The effects of Chinese competition and demand on Peruvian exporters. Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, Vol. 52(8) pp. 1922--1934, 2016. (joint with Olga Rud)
  • How moral codes evolve in a Trust game. Games, 2015, 6, 150-160. (joint with Dan Friedman).
  • Incomplete information, dynamic stability, and the evolution of preferences: two examples Dynamic Games and Applications, Vol 4(4) pp. 448-467, 2014. (joint with Dan Friedman)
  • Strategic default with social interactions: a laboratory experiment. in Sean M. Collins, R. Mark Isaac, Douglas A. Norton (ed.) Experiments in Financial Economics Research in Experimental Economics, Volume 16, 2014.
  • teaching

    I will be teaching Experimental Economics, Experimental Finance and Principles of Econ at Colby 2017-2018.