Selected Publications

We use an experimental approach to study the effect of market structure on theincidence of misreporting by credit rating agencies. We find that competition among rating agencies significantly reduces the likelihood of misreporting.
In Review of Finance (forthcoming)*

Recent Publications

  • Does competition affect truth-telling? An experiment with rating agencies

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  • On the evolution of continuous types: replicator and gradient, Dynamic Games and Applications, Vol. 7(1), pp. 76--92, 2017.

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  • Evolution of markets a simulation with centralized, posted offer and decentralized formats Journal of Evolutionary Economics, Forthcoming, 2016

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Working Papers

Pecuniary externalities in centralized and decentralized market formats: An experiment

We test in a controlled laboratory environment whether traders in a decentralizedmarket internalize the impact of their actions on market prices better than in a cen-tralized market.

Can Competition Aggravate Moral Hazard? A Multi-Principal-Agent Experiment

We conduct a principal-agent experiment and demonstrate that a monopolist agent protects the interest of a (robotized) principal better than when three agents compete to provide a service (project recommendation)

On the dynamic Stability of a Price Dispersion Model

This paper studies the evolutionary stability of a unique Nash equilibrium in a price dispersion model (Burdett and Judd, 1983) using gradient dynamics.


I am teaching the following courses at Colby College:

  • Economics as an Experimental Science
  • Experimental Finance
  • Principles of Microeconomics