jean paul rabanal

Department of Economics & Finance
Stavanger, Norway

working papers

  • Trade, Voting, and ESG policies: Theory and Evidence , joint with John Duffy, Dan Friedman and O. Rud slides
  • ETF indexing strategies and asset prices: Experimental evidence , joint with Peter Bossaerts, John Duffy, Olga Rud and Nitin Yadav
  • publications

    1. The impact of ETF index inclusion on stock prices , Management Science, forthcoming, joint with John Duffy, Dan Friedman and Olga Rud
    2. Market Reactions to Stock Splits: Experimental Evidence , Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2023 joint with John Duffy and Olga Rud
    3. Entry and Exit Decisions Under Public and Private Information: An Experiment , Experimental Economics, 2023 joint with Manizha Sharifova, John Horowitz, Aleksei Chernulich and O. Rud
    4. On the empirical relevance of correlated equilibrium , Journal of Economic Theory, 2022 joint with Dan Friedman, Olga Rud and Shuchen Zhao
    5. Market Experiments with Multiple Assets: A survey Handbook of Experimental Finance, 2022 (joint with John Duffy and Olga A Rud)
    6. Efficiency of dynamic portfolio choices: An experiment Review of Financial Studies, 2022 (joint with Jacopo Magnani, Yabin Wang and O. Rud)
    7. The Impact of ETFs in Secondary Markets Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2021 (joint with John Duffy, and O. Rud)
    8. An endogenous-timing conflict game Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2021 (joint with Philip Grossman, Youngseok Park, and O. Rud)
    9. Can competition between forecasters stabilize asset prices in learning to forecast experiments? Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2019 (joint with D. kop\'{a}nyi, O. Rud and J. Tuinstra)
    10. An experiment on the efficiency of bilateral exchange under incomplete markets Games and Economic Behavior, 2019 (joint with Olga Rud and M. Sharifova)
    11. Does competition affect truth-telling? An experiment with rating agencies Review of Finance, 2018 (joint with Olga Rud)
    12. Does Competition Aggravate Moral Hazard? A Multi-Principal-Agent Experiment , 2018, Journal of Financial Intermediation (joint with Olga Rud, John Horowitz)
    13. Evolution of markets a simulation with centralized, posted offer and decentralized formats Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 2016 (joint with Olga Rud)
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